Modeblicke Videos

TU-Dortmund (Master Cultural Analysis and Cultural Mediation Project Seminar): Production of digital video clips with students for science-communication in social networks and in museums in cooperation with the LWL-Industriemuseum TextilWerk Bocholt.
As a small team, we developed concepts for video shows in which we presented current research of the cultural anthropology of textiles and fashion studies to a broader audience. Excerpts from my work can be found, for example, in this video: Fashion and Death 
or here: Hipsters.

Our self-produced clips were released in spring/summer 2022, some were also shown in presentations and exhibitions. All videos and more information about the project can be found on our website: 


Radio ÜberPop “Klangkörper Frau”

In the radio show “ÜberPop” I talk with Birgit Reuther about gender, material culture, fashion and bodies in pop culture. The basis is my essay “Klangkörper Frau. Sound das unbekannte Wesen.”
We discuss the historical and contemporary significance of playing an instrument, creating sound and occupying space. The show is available as a podcast here.

“Hipster and (Anti-) Fashion”

In: Steinhoff, Heike (Ed.):  Hipster Culture. Transnational and Intersectional Perspectives. Bloomsbury 2021.

The article elucidates how the performativity of talking and writing about hipsters creates the hipster as a narrative figure of both fashion and anti-fashion and their dialectical relationship. Providing an overview of historical and contemporary dress practices, this chapter illustrates syles including their connotations and gender constructions attributed to hipsters. It also discusses this phenomenon in its relation to pro-fascist body images of masculinity.

Narrative des Todes in Style und Sound Performances der Popkultur

In: Haller, Melanie; Helmers, Traute; Mallon, Stefanie (Ed.): Der Tod und das Ding. Textile Materialitäten im Kontext der Vergänglichkeit. Waxmann 2021.

This contribution explores the resonances and connections between body-dress-sound. The question is how narratives of death are expressed in pop culture, fashion, and sound performances through bodies, textiles, and sounds.